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Visit a Bible college

Connection Tours are a great way to be encouraged in your faith.
Travel with Executive Director Rev Dr Stuart Brooking to experience OCA’s ministry with our college partners.
Tours drop you into the midst of college life and provide an insight into the challenges of Christian ministry in various contexts.
We guarantee you’ll be left with a lasting impression.

Israel and Jordan Connection Tour

Postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Rev Dr Stuart Brooking is planning a 16 day tour to Jordan and Israel. 

The trip will focus on some of the key Biblical sites such as Mt Nebo and the Jordan river as well as the ancient city of Petra. 

In Israel the group will visit some key Galilean sites (Capernaum, Lake Galilee), and in and around Jerusalem (Mount of Olives, the temple site, and Bethlehem). 

Interest will also be focussed on the current social environment and the church today, so participants will visit the Bible colleges where Christian leaders are being trained for ministry. Mix with faculty, students and graduates of Jordan Evangelical College, Nazareth Bible College, and Bethlehem Bible College, to see how they train for the unique challenges of their region. 

Dates and costs are pending.

Contact the OCA office for more information.