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“I pray that your partnership with us in the faith may be effective in deepening your understanding of every good thing we share for the sake of Christ”


By giving through OCA you can be confident that your funds will go towards growing God’s church and impacting each society, not just this year, but in the decades ahead as competent leaders are trained for their ministry in their own country. 

Overseas Council Australia comes alongside theological colleges who are training people to become change agents in their communities; people who share the gospel with words which are supported by their actions.

​Student sponsorship

With OCA there is always the opportunity to support individual men and women in need of sponsorship studying at these or any of our other partner colleges. For $2,200 a year ($184 per month) you can train, equip and prepare someone called by God to minister in whatever context God has prepared for them.

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ABTS Syrian Refugee Relief

Libraries for the Unregistered Church in China

During the Cultural Revolution of 1966 – 76 Christian communities in China were forced underground and the Chinese house church movement emerged. The greatest need for the underground churches in China are Biblical teachers who can exegete the scriptures and teach the true gospel from the Word of God. OCA is currently seeking support to purchase books and theological resources in Chinese to build up the libraries of Bible Colleges from the unregistered Chinese church.

Total Project: $40,000
Still Needed: $7,600

$5,000 for an updated Chinese library for one college

Photocopier for SAIACS Library

South Asia Institute for Advanced Christian Studies is seeking to purchase a new high end photocopier for their library. The photocopier is for use by all students, faculty and staff, and will greatly assist with daily functioning of the college. (In India copier costs reflect the real cost of production, unlike Australia where purchase costs are low and toner costs are high.)

Total Project: $8,600

Still Needed: $8,600

Samaritan Strategy in Kenya (Carlile College)

The Samaritan Strategy is a discipleship training programme that forms the basis of training of pastors at grassroots level in the informal settlements of Nairobi through the Centre of Urban Mission. The courses introduce the concept of integral mission in the community, through the ministry of the local church. The Samaritan Strategy programme aims at training pastors and church leaders on a biblical worldview and re-emphasizing the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.

Total Project: $20,000

Total Funds Raised! 

LAN and WiFi Infrastructure Project (SAIACS)

The expansion of the college together with the increase in web based and internet software means that the wireless architecture at SAIACS is no longer an efficient mechanism for students, staff and faculty to secure reliable internet access. SAIACS is working towards installing new LAN and WiFi infrastructure to improve the reliability of internet access within the college.

Total Project: $18,600

Still Needed: $17,000

Library Resources

One key way to help build up the quality of education for students learning the word of God is to have quality books and access to IT based resources.
OCA has several college libraries that it is currently seeking to fund. A donation of a thousand dollars can greatly help a mid level college to improve its holdings.

Total Project: $20,000
Still Needed: $20,000

Allahabad Centre for the Study of Indian Culture and Society

The great variety of belief patterns in India mean that each Christian minister needs to work out the unique elements of the local community in which they go to serve.The Centre for the Study of Indian Culture and Society (CSICS) is a ministry of Allahabad Bible Seminary and is a unique training environment for pastors and church planters. Through lectures, discussion, and private research they learn how to better understand the Hindu context in which they are working. They can apply these insights to their particular village or area of ministry.

Total Project: $14,300

Still Needed: $6,600

Masters in Transformational Leadership

In Asia there are a myriad of Christian mission and non-government agencies working in aid and development. The Asia Graduate School of Theology Alliance has initiated the delivery of a Masters course to promote Biblically based ‘best practice’ for leaders already working in the field. The MA is a field based program that reflects on the complexities of urban poverty. 

Total Project: $50,000
Total Funds Raised! 

ABTS Syrian Refugee Relief

12 Seater Bus for SAIACS

Various departments at SAIACS regularly transport students and staff for Sunday programmes, fieldtrips, internships and ministry programmes. The current vehicles are over 15 years old and need replacement. SAIACS hopes to purchase a 12 seater vehicle for use by the college.

Total Project: $42,900
Still Needed: $42,900

Kalaymyo Consortium of Bible Colleges

The city of Kalaymyo in north Myanmar is a hub of christian education with more than a dozen colleges in the city. It is a mission minded church area and many pastors plant churches throughout the country.
Several years ago OC NZ began working with about ten of these colleges to help them cooperate on curriculum, library and faculty training. OCA has been a keen partner in the project. The ultimate goal is to help these colleges get accredited at Bachelor of Theology level and thus provide will for the leadership needs of the vibrant church of the region. Some students will go on to study at MEGST at masters level and return as faculty members in these colleges, thus ensuring a higher quality of teaching for the region. 
Funds will go towards the teaching programs in Kalaymyo to lift up the many faculty members' competence in teaching their students.

Total Project: $30,000

Still Needed: $29,700

Carlile College. Director CUM Funding

Nancy Njagi is the director for the Center for Urban Mission, a ministry of Carlile College in the heart of Nairobi, Kenya. To encourage this great ministry opportunity OCA contributes to the salary of Nancy.

Total Project: $21,500

Total Funds Raised!

Student Support

Union Bible Theological College Student Sponsorship

Through studying at UBTC, students learn the concepts they need to minister effectively in Mongolia. Ten students are currently seeking support.

$2,200 per student per year

Mongolian Commentary Series at UBTC

Although English has been gradually replacing Russian as the second most frequently spoken language, it is still not widely used. All classes at UBTC are in Mongolian, however there is no biblical commentary series available in Mongolian. OCA will partner with UBTC to pay for the translation and development of a theological and biblical commentary series to be published in Mongolian. Funds will cover costs for UBTC faculty to do research and writing. The first four books will be written in the coming two years.

Total Project: $10,000

Total Funds Raised!  

Pasifika Strategy

Pasifika Strategy

The Pasifika Strategy is a twenty five year plan to redefine theological training and church leadership in the Pacific. Now four years into the strategy OCA has supported the training of more than 30 evangelical church leaders and faculty members from bible colleges across the Pacific at Masters level. With your help we can realise the 25 year goal to transform the church of the Pacific.
We are currently supporting 15 students in the MTh program from PNG and around the Pacific.
We are also working with nine Bible colleges in the various islands of the Pacific to assist with library and IT needs.

$15,000 per family per year for MTh Study

$2,000 per Bible College per year for library support

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