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“I pray that your partnership with us in the faith may be effective in deepening your understanding of every good thing we share for the sake of Christ”


By giving through OCA you can be confident that your funds will go towards growing God’s church and impacting each society, not just this year, but in the decades ahead as competent leaders are trained for their ministry in their own country. 

Overseas Council Australia comes alongside theological colleges who are training people to become change agents in their communities; people who share the gospel with words which are supported by their actions.

OCA supports the training of Christian leaders in several limited access countries which are not publicly available. To find out more please contact the office.

Student sponsorship

With OCA there is always the opportunity to support individual men and women in need of sponsorship studying at these or any of our other partner colleges. For $2,200 a year ($184 per month) you can train, equip and prepare someone called by God to minister in whatever context God has prepared for them.

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Current projects that you can support:

Rob & Joan Kerr Memorial Fund

Rob (d. Dec 2021) and Joan (d. Dec 2019) were enthusiastic supporters of Local Leaders International (of course OCA at the time). Rob was chairman and then vice chairman through the ‘90s and into the early 2,000s and steered the organisation well. Rob has made a meaningful bequest to Local Leaders in his will in favour of three of our partner Bible colleges for which he had a particular affinity. The focus will be on Tyrannus Bible Seminary in Indonesia, South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies in India and Christian Leaders Training College in Papua New Guinea. To honour their contribution please join in by supplementing this bequest in a memorial fund which will be paid out within three years as projects arise.

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Local Online: A Global Strategy - New Online Library

Goal: $200,000

As Bible colleges come out of the lockdown environment, many of them have begun using the skills learnt in the past two years to train more students through online and hybrid classes. The Local Online strategy provides IT capacity as well as a range of training workshops to help faculty teach well in this new environment. In many cases there is a desperate need for access to quality online library texts. We are working with our partner, Theological Book Network, to fund a new option for colleges at a much-reduced rate. We want to purchase the rights to download key texts by the hundreds and make them available to our partner colleges.

Total cost $600,000. Currently raised $200,000. Need for 2022: $200,000.

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Equipping African Christians to Reach Muslims

Goal: $50,000

As part of the Africa Mile Deep Strategy, OCA is encouraging the development of several centres of competence to help train church leaders in how to respond to expanding Islam in the continent. This response needs peacebuilding initiatives, but much more as well. The church needs to be strengthened by good apologetics – explaining the faith so Christians remain faithful to Christ – and it needs good missional understanding so church planting and evangelism can be done in appropriate ways for Africa.

Funds will be used to sponsor faculty members to study at the key new centres of learning in Egypt and Kenya. 

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Indian Mission Leaders' Summit at SAIACS

Goal: $18,000

There is a very large internal mission movement with thousands of local societies reaching out throughout the country. South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS) is a national leader in promoting better mission thinking in the increasingly complex political situation in India. 150 of India’s top mission organisation leaders (representing thousands of internal missionaries) will be hosted by SAIACS at the Annual Summit of India Mission Associations. These summits have been a major direction-setter for many coordinated outreach ministries around the country. These funds will subsidise each attendee for their accommodation over the 3-day summit.

Photo: Prabhu Singh, Principal of SAIACS, is looking forward to welcoming leaders from around the country.

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'Sensitive Area' Projects

Goal: $50,000
This project is tax deductible

OCA is embarking in a region of ministry which for security will not be outlined.

Details can be discussed with your OCA State Director. See staff here.

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Faculty Study Grants in Asia

Goal: 4 x $10,000

OCA identified some years ago that one of the key ways to improve the educational outcomes for students was to invest in the faculty members’ study. Each year we have about 40 faculty members whom we support to get masters and doctoral degrees. Just like Joshua George (pictured), who visited us earlier this year, they will contribute for decades and impact hundreds or even thousands of students, ensuring that the graduates are well trained in the scriptures as well as their pastoral and evangelistic skills.

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Borewell For South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies

Goal: $36,000

As with many Indian cities, Bangalore, where SAIACS is located, is struggling with its water supply. There is no utility company, and the college has an inadequate supply from their one borewell. This means they must allocate operating funds to purchase water on a daily basis for student and faculty needs. By providing this bore, pump, and associated costs, the college will have a more certain supply and greatly reduce their costs so funds can be allocated to more productive student training purposes.

Photo: A local water truck fills up the tanks at SAIACS.

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Local Online: A Global Strategy

Goal: $250,000

While many colleges have successfully survived the lockdowns and disruptions to their teaching program through developing basic online classes, they have consistently indicated they need much more. This major initiative is designed to capitalise on what has been achieved in the past 12 months and extend it greatly. This can significantly increase the number of students able to study through online methods.

Funds will be used to provide a greater number of colleges with IT hardware, software and connectivity. Furthermore, the strategy will provide training for faculty members about how they can lift their educational competence to produce quality online programs. It will also provide new resources which can be adapted for every locality in the developing world, not providing one-size-fits-all content, but resources to strengthen the local faculty members in each place.


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Pasifika Strategy

The Pasifika Strategy is a twenty five year plan to redefine theological training and church leadership in the Pacific. Now nine years into the strategy, OCA has supported the training of more than 50 evangelical church leaders and faculty members from Bible colleges across the Pacific at Masters level. With your help we can realise the 25 year goal to transform the church of the Pacific.

We are currently supporting 15 students in the MTh program from PNG and around the Pacific.

To learn more about this project, see our Pasifika Strategy Video. Click here to see video

$15,000 per family per year for MTh study

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Africa Mile Deep Strategy

OCA launched a 15 year strategy in 2018 to assist the 105 Anglican Bible colleges across the continent. A key to the strategy was the identification of the six leading theological institutions across Africa. These are the colleges which influence and support the 100 smaller ones. The strategy has over 20 projects associated with it including upskilling faculty members, developing new courses and programs, and introducing new concepts which improve the whole system.

As part of the strategic planning between OCA and the leading colleges we have been working on a number of themes. Several of these are already well funded, e.g. pedagogy training for faculty, upgrades to faculty degrees and library funding. Some new themes have resulted in concrete projects which need support. The current highlighted project is:

Resource Mobilisation
OCA has been working with the hub colleges to provide inspiration, training and funding to 25 colleges around Africa to establish small business ventures e.g. utilising college land for farming. OCA provides loans ($5-10,000) to colleges after a local committee vets the business proposal. The money is repaid and re-circulated amongst the group of colleges. OCA is keen to keep rolling out this concept, training and loans around the continent.

To learn more about this project, see our Africa Mile Deep Video. Click here to see video

Funding need - $40,000 for the next group of colleges for conference, training and loans

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Masters in Transformational Development

Throughout the developing world there are a myriad of Christian mission and non-government agencies working in aid and development. OCA has been supporting the delivery of a Masters course (MTD) to promote Biblically based ‘best practice’ for leaders already working in the field.

The MA is a field based program that reflects on the complexities of urban poverty. Students are all experienced and in mid to high level leadership in their organisations. They study six modules over three years, thus remaining in their work and implementing the things they learn.

Three centres are now operating in Malaysia, Egypt and Uganda. Funds are used to provide scholarships for students in one or other of the centres.

To learn more about this project, see our Masters in Transformational Development video. Click here to see video

Total Project: $50,000 will provide scholarships for 10 students

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