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The phrase ‘Bible College’ would commonly bring to mind thoughts of classrooms, academics, students, exams and graduations. All true, but this is facilitated by a wide range of other activities that are necessary for a college to function. The teacher teaches within a college that needs HR management and policies, business operations, accounting, governance, IT, infrastructure, facilities and services, and strategic planning. For the teaching to occur well and long term these other functions need to be in place and operating well and long term.

It’s in these non teaching areas that OCA consultants are able to help the colleges.

Funding - OCA consultants are fully self-funded. The intention is that there will be no financial burden on the colleges so the consultants pay all of their own costs.

Approach - Consultants are friends of the colleges who complement the skills of the college staff. The greatest risk to the effectiveness of a consultant would be an assumption that what works within their own culture will also work in another. More often than not, that will not be the case, so the starting points for a consultancy are listening, humility, grace and prayer. It is essential that consultants are committed to the work of OCA as personal supporters and gain an understanding of the ministry from the inside by travelling on a connection tour.


1. It’s an opportunity for supporters to apply their skills and experience directly to supporting the Lord’s work.
2. For the consultant at a personal level, it can be extremely rewarding.

The first answer is sufficient on its own, the second can be a wonderful bonus that could change the way you see the world.

Opportunities to volunteer
  • Assist set up accounting systems for businesses run by a college.
  • Set up processes and train staff in the business management of a college.
  • Assist with the development and upgrading of IT systems.
We have consultancies at various stages at the moment such as in PNG and more opportunities are arising, such as in Cambodia.

Previous consultants have assisted us with the following: 
  • Thinking through the steps to introduce a new masters program at Lanka Graduate Centre and to utilise their new building to the most benefit.
  •  Working with Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary to create a business plan for a major expansion of their distance education program utilising remote locations around the country.
  • Encouraging the Board of Zarephath Bible Institute to revise its governance structure and increase the ‘buy in’ of major stake holders for the college.
  • Working with Christian Leaders' Training College in PNG to develop a strategy for upgrading their IT systems and connectivity, which OCA has funded.
  • Visiting various bible colleges in the Pacific region to determine which ones may be open to partner with OCA, and what particular needs they have that we could help with.

If you feel this is an area of service you would like to be involved in we would be keen to hear from you.
To find out more contact Ken Offord, Director of the OCA Consultancy Program.  p: 0407 678 228