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Church Partnerships

Why partner with a theological college in the developing world?

  • Cost effective mission involvement
  • Long term value to the church where it is growing fastest
  • A unique way of helping congregation members to identify with international training needs

Why partner with Overseas Council Australia?

  • OCA selects and monitors evangelical, well run, strategic colleges.

Options for the partnership

The primary aim of the partnership is to encourage Christians in Australia to understand and contribute to the need for training Christian leaders in the developing world.
The partnership can be tailored to suit the ministry and educational needs of the Australian church.
The partnership may be a commitment for one year or many, with congregation involvement growing over that period in successive stages.

Possible Elements in the Partnership Mix:

  • Each small group sponsor a student
  • Fund a particular project e.g. a library
  • Youth or other group camp at the college overseas.
  • Invite a faculty member, a student, and a graduate to the church for two weeks to speak at church and small groups.
  • Phone link during a service with the college principal to hear the latest prayer points.
  • Educational programs/camps provided by OCA

OCA facilitates the partnership: 3 stages of partnership

Stage One
Evaluate your current mission education and orientation in the congregation to determine if your church is ready for a three way partnership.
Stage Two
Devise the elements for a partnership in consultation with OCA. Choose an appropriate country/college and project mix.
Stage Three
Implement and review every six months to assess the progress of the various elements of the partnership. Adjust elements as needed.