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“We appreciate the strategic mission of Overseas Council Australia to deliver a culturally relevant and sustainable model for training leaders for the majority world.”

We'd like to meet you

If you’re interested in strategic mission and playing a part in training leaders for the church in all nations, we’d love to hear from you. Our purpose is to build up the church where God is working – whether that’s within Mongolia, a former socialist country, China, still very much a communist country or in Lebanon to serve countries in the Middle East and North Africa. And just like the colleges we serve, you could be anywhere around Australia or the world. If you are in Australia, it’s likely you’re somewhere close to where we are. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle and Perth – we may even be neighbours. So get in touch and introduce yourself. You might be surprised to find how close we are.

  • Church Partnerships

    If your church is looking for greater engagement but less administrative headaches, then an OCA church partnership could be the way to go. An OCA church partnership can be tailored to suit the unique ministry of your church. It is completely flexible to suit your church focus and mission objectives.

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  • Prayer Strategies

    We would love you to pray for the ministry of Overseas Council Australia and our partner colleges. Taking the time to pray through our quarterly Prayer Alert is a great way to be encouraged in your faith, and to learn about the needs of the bible colleges we serve. You might like to receive our quarterly Prayer Alert so you can be informed about the prayer requests of our partner colleges.

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  • Giving to growth

    By giving through OCA you can be confident that your funds will go towards growing God’s church and impacting each society, not just this year, but in the decades ahead as competent leaders are trained for their ministry in their own country. When you give to OCA you can specify the partner college that interests you and the type of person or project you want to give to. We do not operate a ‘general pool’ from which we give, but rather invite our supporters to nominate what God has put on their heart to give towards.

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Travel along with us

OCA Connection Tours are a great way to be encouraged in your Christian faith and to witness firsthand the extraordinary ministries of the colleges partnered with OCA. Travel is always with a small group and tours include discovering the history and culture of the country with visits to major national sites. Everyone who travels along with OCA is learning about God’s world, God’s church and God’s mission. As you listen to the voices of Christian leaders speaking from their own context, some things may challenge your previously held ideas. Other times, you will be fascinated at the cleverness of the people God is raising up to minister in situations most of us can barely understand.

Consultants meet regularly through the year for training and fellowship.

Consultants Needed

OCA Consulting is focused on meeting the operational and management needs of our partner colleges and providing specialised counsel as required. OCA seeks to understand what the challenges and opportunities are, then to deliver effective and culturally relevant expertise from our range of volunteer Christian consultants. The service is spiritual, personal and professional, offering an ongoing, supportive relationship for OCA partner colleges. If you believe you have skills to offer as a short term consultant, please email us to begin a conversation.

Become a part of the story

The beauty of becoming part of the OCA story is that it is so flexible. You can become as involved as you choose. From coming along on a Connection Tour, to volunteering your professional services, we encourage you to get involved with our strategic ministry.

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