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Faculty and Scholars

OCA has identified that one of the key ways to lift the standards of a Bible college is to lift the competence of the faculty. We support masters and doctoral studies for faculty members which are done in their region or by distance education, so they can stay at the college. This greatly reduces the cost compared to training in the West. Furthermore, their studies are more relevant and suitable for the context of ministry in the developing world.

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Faculty seeking support

Babu Jeyaraj

Faculty at Madras Theological Seminary and College.
D.Th through Senate of Serampore College (University) - Full Time. 
As part of the strategic plan of Madras Theological Seminary and College to continue to lift their academic standards, they are developing their faculty to have one or more D Th professors in each department. Babu Jeyaraj will be completing his Doctor of Theology as a full time program through Senate of Serampore College (University).  

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Purevdorj Jamsran

Faculty at Union Bible Theological College, Mongolia.
PhD through National University of Mongolia - Part-time. 
Purevdorj was the previous principal of UBTC in Mongolia, and was the first local leader to assume the role. Having faculty members study through the National University of Mongolia is a strategic step for UBTC, as the local high-level study will assist the college to be more accepted in its context and lends further credibility to the college within its region.

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