Internationally the Overseas Council Network supports Christian leadership development at 200 colleges in 70 countries around the world.

  • Our Goal

    Our goal is to help the growing church in the developing world to have the leaders, pastors and church planters that it needs. By partnering with leading Bible colleges we can contribute directly to the health and mission of the local church.


    We support 25 bible colleges and programs in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. You can see below where our partner colleges are and all those being supported in the OC Network.


    For a glimpse of college life and the different contexts in which they work, view our videos from the field.


In essence, Overseas Council Australia supports Bible Colleges which are evangelical in theology, have good governance and are strategic leaders in their nation and region.


Asian Theological Seminary Quezon City, Philippines Dr Timoteo D. Gener 222 on campus Grad Dip /MA/MDiv in: Bib St, Intercultural and Urban St, Pastoral St, Counseling, Th, Transformational Urban Leadership, Chr Ed
Kalaymyo Consortium of Bible Colleges Kalaymyo, Myanmar - Students from 8 Colleges Dip Th Educational training for faculty
Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology Yangon, Myanmar Rev. Dr. CK Hrang Tiam 89 on campus + 28 by distance M Div, MA, M Th Classrooms
Phnom Penh Bible School Phnom Penh, Cambodia Son Vuthy 63 on campus B Chr Min, Ass Deg Chr Min
Tyrannus Bible College Bandung, Indonesia Dr Samuel B. Sidjabat 207 on campus non-degree Church Planting, Undergrad Th St, MA, M Th, D Th National evangelical association conference
Alexandria School of Theology Alexandria, Egypt Bishop Dr Samy Shehata M.Th, B.Th, M.Div Library ugrade
Arab Baptist Theological Seminary Mansouriah-Maten, Lebanon Ellie Haddad 32 on campus + 55 by distance Cert Th, Cert Min, Post-Grad Cert Th, Dip Th, B Th, M Div, M Religion ABTS Online
Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary Amman, Jordan Dr Imad Shehadeh 75 on campus B Th, MA Bib St, M Div, M Th
Africa Mile Deep Strategy African Continent - Students in 20 Anglican Colleges Cert Th, Dip Th, B Th, M Th, PhD, etc Faculty Training Support, Various Library and IT Projects
Carlile College and Centre for Urban Mission Nairobi, Kenya Rev Capt Patience Santa Wanzala 124 on campus + 27 by distance MA Transformational Leadership, Dip Chr Min: School Chaplaincy, Dip Chr Min: Civic Responsibilities, Dip Child and Family Min Samaritan Strategy
George Whitfield College Muizenberg, South Africa Rev Mark Dickson 93 on campus + 400 by distance B Th, Higher Cert Th, Child Min, Explore Correspondance Doctoral students
Mauritius Bible Training Institute Coromandel, Mauritius Dr Keweralo Lohe 50 on campus Cert Bible Min, Dip Bible Min, Cert Bible Training for Church Leaders MBTI Principal Salary
Namibia Evangelical School of Theology Windhoek, Namibia De Wet Strauss 62 on campus + 460 by distance Cert Chr Min, Cert Th, Cert App Chr Min, Dip Min, Dip Th, B Th, B Th (honors) Distance program expansion
Union Bible Theological College Ulaanbaartar, Mongolia Luvsangombo Gantumur 113 on campus B Th, B A Faculty Training Support
Allahabad Bible Seminary Allahabad, India Rev J Sundara Raj 164 on campus + 2,035 by distance B Div, B Th Hindi Language Theology textbooks
Lanka Bible College Kandy, Sri Lanka Dr A. N. Lal Senanayake 145 on campus + 56 by distance Cert Chr Min, Dip Th, BA Miss and Min, B Th, B Ed Publishing department
Lanka Graduate Centre Colombo, Sri Lanka Dr Danny Moses 215 on campus + 40 by distance Cert Th, Dip and BA in Holistic Child Development, Dip Th, BA Miss and Min, B Th, M Div, MA in Organisational Leadership Building improvements
Madras Theological College Chennai, India Rev Dr David Onesimu 105 on campus + 365 by distance Dip Th, B Div, B Chr St, B Th, B Min, M Div, M Th, M Min, D Min Women's Dormitory
South Asia Institute for Advanced Christian Studies Bangalore, India Dr Prabhu Singh 137 on campus + 38 by distance Ph D, D Miss, M Th, M Div, MA, M Phil LAN and WiFi Infrastructure upgrade
Zarephath Bible Institute Rawalpindi, Pakistan Shabaz Masih 84 on campus B Th M Div, Dip Counselling ZBS Minibus
Christian Leaders Training Centre Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea Dr William Longar 150 on campus + 500 by distance Dip Bib Miss, Dip Th, B Th, M Th Women's Training Centre
Fundacion Universitaria Seminario Biblico Colombia Medillin, Colombia Ms Elizabeth Sendek 82 on campus + 43 by distance Undergrad Th, Grad Ethics and Chr Thought, Dip Basic Counseling, Dip Child Pastoring, Dip OT, Dip NT, Dip Bib Interpretation, Dip Pedagogy, Dip Yth Min Student Sponsorship
Pasifica Strategy Seven Pacific Crountries - Students from 9 colleges Dip Th, B Th, M Th Library and IT support
* Please note that the list of Current Projects is not a comprehensive list, just a selection of the predominant projects at each college. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about any of the listed projects, or if you would like to know what other projects we are supporting.