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Their Story


Most of us may never have considered how people in the developing world receive a theological education to become a church pastor. It’s completely understandable. We may never visit their countries and therefore understand the pressures the church faces. But it’s like anything, once you meet someone and hear more about their lives and countries, you gain an understanding and you begin to think about how you could help them.

NO STORY IS EVER THE SAME, BUT there is familiarity

No two people’s stories are never the same, how could they be when talking about people who live in Africa, South East Asia, China, India, the Middle East and the South Pacific? Yet remarkably when we talk about theological education, we find again and again there is a familiarity to the stories. Each person’s story embraces a conviction that Jesus loves them and died for them and by extension that Jesus loves not only them but everyone in their village, community, town, city and land.

Since 1987, Overseas Council Australia has contributed $5.3 million to support 2,466 students in ministry training; provided over $1.9 million to award 146 faculty study grants; and given $10 million for educational infrastructure. It’s a good start and with your help we can grow our giving even more.

  • Theological Students

    OCA supports men and women who preach and teach the redeeming love of Jesus. Our sponsored students minister to widows and orphans, seek justice for their communities and become leaders in their nations.
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  • Bible Colleges

    We support Bible colleges which are the most strategic in their country or region. By investing in these colleges they then make an impact on other smaller colleges, which look to them for new faculty.
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  • Faculty and Scholars

    The aim of OCA faculty grants is not just to provide people with degrees. Rather, it is to help key people in the Bible college have space to think through matters of the Bible in their particular context.
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infrastructure & resources

The thought of contributing towards a satellite dish, electricity generator or computer lab may not grab your heart, but when you see that these things are part of a college increasing its capacity for ministry, they begin to have greater meaning.

Our partner colleges have strategic plans to expand the quality and quantity of the pastors and church planters they train.

Many elements are involved in helping our partner colleges achieve this goal. This includes providing the infrastructure they need to train more pastors and church planters for the Majority world.