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And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.
With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people."
Ephesians 6:18

The Overseas Council Australia Prayer Alert is a quarterly publication designed to equip our supporters and friends with information provided from our partner theological colleges around the world. The Prayer Alert contains sections for praise and thanksgiving, including prayer requests from students and faculty at our partner colleges. Prayer is a key way to engage with the mission of Overseas Council Australia. The Prayer Alert is provided at no cost to our subscribers.
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Why We Love This Ministry: Insights From The Board Of Directors
Winter 2022

In our Winter edition, we introduce you to our board of directors. Each one shares about why they love the ministry and draws attention to one or two aspect of what we do. We hope you find it helpful to hear their insights and to pray for the ministries. You can also read about our new name and branding.

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The Joy Of Cross-Cultural Engagement
Autumn 2022

In this issue, OCA staff share their reflections on the book “Teaching Across Cultures. A Global Christian Perspective”. We hope our reflections lead you to affirm with us the importance of raising up people from their own place to not only bring the gospel, but to teach the teachers. It is that to which we are committed.

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Who's Who? Key People In Local Online: A Global Strategy
SUMMER 2021-2022

This edition of Prayer Alert focuses on Local Online: A Global Strategy. It tells the story of cooperation that is happening around the world and the potential for thousands of faculty members to be upskilled through online education. Hundreds of thousands of future pastors and church planters will be blessed through the strategy.

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Graduated Student Stories
Spring 2021

In this edition of Prayer Alert, we focus on a number of students who have been sponsored by our supporters over the years. We learn what they have done since graduation. In each case they have been faithful and effective.

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Online Formation For Ministry: Pitfalls and Solutions
Winter 2021

Learning how to do pastoral and church planting work requires so much more than intellectual competence with theology, Bible interpretation, history, etc. It requires formation of the person. In this Prayer Alert you will get a glimpse of how our college partners have begun to think about, and solve the problem of online formation for ministry.

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Pastoring and preaching the gospel to youth
Autumn 2021

While it is possible to count how many people there are in the world between the ages of 15 and 30 , it is a very different thing to ask what the lived reality is for those people. Their cultures are in flux and the influences are multiple. In this edition you’ll again get a vision for why OCA keeps helping leaders to be trained in each context.

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Shoulder to Shoulder Strategy Update
Summer 2020 - 2021

This edition of Prayer Alert gives an update on the many colleges we’ve been supporting through 2020. There is much to give thanks for, not just for what OCA has done, but for the competence of our partners which shines through on every page. There is also much to pray for, so please join in this fellowship and bring the training of God’s leaders to him as you read through this Summer Edition.

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Friends In Crisis - Healthy International Institutional Relationships
Spring 2020

This edition seeks to unwrap what healthy international relationships look like in the stress situation of the current pandemic. We hope you find it a way into deeper reflection on the work of OCA and our many partners around the world, and that it leads you to pray with deeper understanding and more joyous fervour.

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Church History - how it's taught determines who we are
May-August 2020

Localised church history teaching strengthens the joy of believers, supports the evangelism and discipleship of the church and reinforces the legitimacy of Christianity in each place.

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Consultancy - what we've learnt
Jan-April 2020

Throughout this edition of Prayer Alert you will be introduced to a number of our consultants. They will speak of what they have learnt in working with our partners.

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Why Grassroots training? Why PHD? Why everything in between?
Spring 2019

OCA supports training at every level from doctoral to certificate level. We think it all matters. In this edition of Prayer Alert we hope you get a glimpse of why that is.

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God's Rich Blessings - Our Partner Colleges on Hospitality
Winter 2019

In this Prayer Alert we asked our college partners to reflect on both the theory and the practice of hospitality in their context, together with how the local culture reinforces Biblical behaviour, or is challenged by it.

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Sponsored Student Stories
Autumn 2019

This edition of Prayer Alert focuses on some of the individual students that OCA supports through our Sponsorship Program. Student support is a key part of our contribution to many colleges and provides vital funds to facilitate students studying, as well as operating funds for our partner colleges.

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Indonesian Scholars on research and experience
Summer 2018/19

This Prayer Alert includes articles that are about, or written by, five Indonesian scholars who had three months research leave in Australia at the end of 2018, sponsored by OCA.

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Faith and Politics - How our Partners Participate
Spring 2018

The political landscapes of our partner colleges and their contexts is far from what we are used to in Australia. This edition of Prayer Alert introduces us to issues that we may rarely give thought to, but provides excellent groundwork for our prayers. We hope these articles from our partners excite you for prayer.

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Libraries and publication - building resources for christian leaders in the majority world
Winter 2018

This edition of Prayer Alert looks at libraries in our partner Bible colleges and explores their needs. In Ecclesiastes we read that 'of the making of many books there is no end...' but we need to note that the making of them is uneven. Very few good theological books are written in Vietnamese, or Arabic, or Chinese. Many of our partner colleges are short supplied for good quality text books, let alone specialist holdings.

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OCA's National and Regional Strategies
Autumn 2018

In this Prayer Alert we summarise the major big picture strategies that we have developed and are currently working on. We hope it will excite you to see the impact that OCA is having. Some of the strategies are established, while others are in early stages. That variety will give you a better sense of how we work.

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A Faithful God: Stories from our Colleges of Living For Christ Amidst persecution and Discrimination
Summer 2017/18

"Always be alert to pray for the needs of the saints" is the verse that gives 'Prayer Alert' its name. In this Prayer Alert you will see much to stay alert to and pray for as you read stories of our brothers and sisters facing persecution, discrimination and denigration in their communities.

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The transformative nature of bible training: Students share their experiences
Spring 2017

In this edition of the Prayer Alert we have asked a small group of students and graduates to reflect of their experiences at college. They give an insight into the difference that their training has made to prepare them for a life time of ministry.

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Trained To Train Others: How OCA Colleges Are Multiplying Christian Leaders
Winter 2017

OCA supports Theological Colleges who are training and equipping their students to bring the Gospel to every nation. In this issue of the Prayer Alert you will read about the ministries of OCA college partner graduates. We hope you are encouraged by the passions that God has put in the heart of each of these men and women.

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Prayerful colleges training prayerful church leaders
Autumn 2017

As you read and pray for our partner colleges, we hope you are encouraged by their prayer filled lives and dependence on God. We also invite you to celebrate with us as we mark the beginning of our 30th year as an organisation.

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Women Leaders From Around The World
Summer 2016/17

In this edition of the Prayer Alert you will meet a variety of competent women teaching in our partner Bible colleges. For some the context of gender relationships in church or society is, or has been, a significant personal issue. Others don't reference those issues. I hope their stories provide a deeper sense of what God is accomplishing through their ministries.

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Heroes of the Old Testament Applied within the Asian and African Contexts
Spring 2016

In this Prayer Alert we invite you to be encouraged by theological leaders in our partner bible colleges as they discuss how the lives of three Old Testament heroes of faith, Abraham, Moses and David, have influenced and shaped their personal journeys and their ministries.

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Leadership For Tomorrow's Church
Winter 2016

In this issue you will hear from faculty members who are recipients of OCA faculty grants. You will hear their experiences in pursuing God’s calling to ministry and the training that is enabling them. For some this would remain an unattainable goal without the support offered through an OCA faculty scholarship.

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‘De-westernising’ the curriculum. The OCA encouragement for change
Autumn 2016

OCA has been operating on clear principles and directions for many years, but recent expansions in the ministry have necessitated making these principles accessible for more people.

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Festivals: How Bible Colleges around the world celebrate and proclaim Christ
Summer 2015/16

Read these stories from around the world and see how our brothers and sisters celebrate Christmas, and how they love to use the occasion as an opportunity to share the Christmas story with their local communities.

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Leaders of Leaders Part B, Bible College Principals tell their stories
Spring 2015

Read the personal accounts of the church’s key leaders as they tell the stories of their faith and God’s faithfulness.

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Leaders of Leaders, Bible College Principals tell their stories
Winter 2015

Read the personal accounts of the church’s key leaders as they tell the stories of their faith and God’s faithfulness.

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Christian Leaders' training college: A case study in OCA support
Autumn 2015

At the moment we are making numerous contributions to Christian Leaders’ Training College in PNG and so it forms something of a case study to explain the work of OCA and thus hopefully encourage our supporters in their prayers for the whole ministry...

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The heartbeat of commitment: OCA Partner college graduates tell their stories
Summer 2014/15

People in the business world often ask us about our ‘metrics’. We have great metrics! For example, each year we follow up on students who have graduated five years before...

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Global glimpses: Insights from OCA's sister organisations
Spring 2014

In this edition of Prayer Alert we are delighted to have a range of ‘guest writers’ who are members of staff and consultants with OCA’s sister organisations. Many of them come from and are located in the developing world....

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Praise him with flute and strings: Music in worship and ministry
Winter 2014

In this edition of Prayer Alert we have asked our college partners if they will reflect on the role of music in their colleges, churches and communities. We hope this gives you a deeper insight to the way music is part of their lives and ministries, and so enriches your prayers for the whole of their experience....

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THE battle for human ideas: the conflict between earthly things and the heavenly places
Autumn 2014

In this Autumn edition of Prayer Alert, read of how our partner colleges face many challenges – such as in South Africa where the church must argue for its place because being Christian does necessarily hold value, in Lebanon following the civil war...

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Summer 2013/2014

In this edition of Prayer Alert we have asked some of the colleges we partner with to tell us where their graduates are now. What are they doing? How did they come to do the work they are involved with and were they adequately prepared for it by their training?...

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