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Beirut Emergency Appeal


On top of the influx of 1.5 million refugees in Lebanon, a crumbling economy and the pandemic lockdown, Beirut has suffered a massive chemical explosion leaving 300,000 people homeless.

OCA’s partner college in the hills of Beirut will once again step in to assist those in need by opening up their campus for the next few months for people without a home to be accommodated. (The photograph above shows staff and volunteers cleaning one of the common kitchens ready for use).

Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) had to send all their students home due to the lockdown in March. They are currently providing free accommodation in their guest house for medical workers. The dormitories are vacant and, with small renovations, these rooms can be made immediately available for families. Five families and two singles (about 30 people) are already being accommodated. They have been referred by various agencies on the front line of care.

“We don’t ask their religion, we just take them in.
Many families have older people with them.”

Loulwa El Maalouf - Development & Partner Relations Manager at ABTS 

ABTS has asked OCA for assistance to equip the two-person dorm rooms and the family rooms so an extended family can stay in each one. Funds are needed to prepare the rooms, provide kitchenware, mini-fridges, air-con, microwaves, and internet. They expect to take in about 30 families (around 200 or so people) for a few months.

After the emergency situation passes the equipment will remain with ABTS and will be used for their students when they return to campus for their modular courses. Your donation will make an immediate impact for the homeless and a lasting contribution to our partner college.

OCA is seeking $40,000 for this project (it is not tax deductible).

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