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Every year Overseas Council Australia invites visiting scholars and students to come to Australia. This provides you and all our donors with the opportunity to hear first-hand about the work they are involved in.  

Typically these events fall twice yearly, in March and October. The first is our Speakers Program and the second our Annual Dinner Series.  

In 2022 our guest speaker in March was Joshua George. He shared his experiences of being a faculty member at South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies, India. Joshua is currently completing his PhD as part of OCA's Faculty Study Grant program.

For our Annual Dinner Series this year our guest speaker will be Dr Samy Shehata, Archbishop of the Episcopal/Anglican Province of Alexandria in Egypt. Additionally, Dr Shehata has served as the first Arab bishop in North Africa since 2017. He was formerly dean of St. Mark’s Pro-Cathedral in Alexandria, and served as principal of the Alexandria School of Theology, which is one of OCA's key partner colleges. 

Past Annual Dinner Series

Due to pandemic restrictions we were unable to run the series in 2021. Our last Annual Dinner series was held in October and November 2020. We were delighted to present three Australian based guest speakers who are passionate about contextual theological education around the world and brought a wealth of experience to our theme - exploring the ways that disruption necessitates innovation and agile leadership.

Thank you to our wonderful guest speakers:

Brisbane QLD - Rev. Dr. Peter Francis, Principal at Malyon College.

Perth WA - Rev. Dr. Ben Johnston, Senior Minister at Subiaco Church.

Sydney, Central Coast & Maitland NSW - Rev. Simon Gillham, Head of Mission at Moore Theological College.

  • Theological Students

    OCA supports men and women who preach and teach the redeeming love of Jesus. Our sponsored students minister to widows and orphans, seek justice for their communities and become leaders in their nations.

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  • Prayer Alerts

    The Overseas Council Australia Prayer Alert is a quarterly publication designed to equip our supporters and friends with information provided from our partner theological colleges around the world. 

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  • Faculty and Scholars

    The aim of OCA faculty grants is not just to provide people with degrees. Rather, it is to help key people in the Bible college have space to think through matters of the Bible in their particular context.