• student sponsorship

    We are passionate about equipping and training individuals who will emerge as resourceful, local Christian leaders in their context. You can partner with a student to assist with their tuition and accommodation fees, as well as providing prayer support and encouragement.

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  • a once-in-a-generation opportunity

    'Local Online: A Global Strategy' will assist our partner Bible colleges with the critical task of developing robust online education programs that are sensitive to each region.

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    From equipping colleges with technological infrastructure to providing borewells to secure water supply, our current projects highlight ways that you can make a meaningful difference to our partner colleges.

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Leadership training is one of the most pressing tasks for Western Christians who are engaged with a global church.

  • Student sponsorship

    Since 1987, Overseas Council Australia has contributed $5.7 million to support 2,686 students in ministry training.

  • Partner Colleges

    Overseas Council Australia supports theological colleges which are evangelical in theology and have a record of financial accountability and good governance.

  • Countries worked in

    Overseas Council Australia works with theological colleges and other strategic leadership development programs in twenty five countries.

"We believe in an emerging generation of Christian leaders whose lives demonstrate vision, integrity and competence. It is these men and women who preach and teach the redeeming gospel of Jesus Christ, minister to widows and orphans, seek justice in and through public institutions, lead their nations through the debilitating morass of corruption, and in a thousand other ways take God’s truth into the public arena."