Student Sponsorships

There can be few greater causes than training leaders for the church, equipping and training individuals who will emerge as resourceful, indigenous Christian leaders in their context.  By supporting nationals in their own country during their studies the church is assured of a steady flow of pastors, evangelists and church planters. On graduation, students not only know their local culture, but are able to minister for decades after their training, supported by their local church.
Each year OCA provides scholarships to over 200 students who are studying at our partner colleges. Because we believe in an emerging generation of Christian leaders whose lives demonstrate vision, integrity and competence, we offer to the colleges support for students they select who need our help.
An OCA sponsorship makes a major contribution to the needs of the whole college and are distributed carefully to avoid colleges becoming dependent on a single source of income support.
OCA supports men and women who preach and teach the redeeming love of Jesus. Our sponsored students minister to widows and orphans, seek justice for their communities and become leaders in their nations. 

Getting started


Recognise the value of sponsoring a national student who will become a future leader of the church in the developing world.


Commit to finance the student's study needs for $2,200 per year or find a few friends who will join with you to fund the scholarship.
Sponsorship funds can be paid monthly ($184), quarterly ($550), six monthly ($1,100) or yearly ($2,200). 


Receive occasional letters from and pray for the student. When your funds are received you will receive a Sponsorship Pack including student information, prayer bookmarks as well as other general information.

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Students Seeking Support

  • Jeba David

    Allahabad Bible Seminary, India

    "I was born into a Christian family and my father is a pastor. I committed my life to ministry when I was 12 years old. I came to this college to study theology and when I graduate I want to sere in ministry to the youth of India. Reaching the unreached and the future pillars of the church is my vision."

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  • Hannah

    Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology, Myanmar

    "All my family are believers. I have learnt a lot from my studies at MEGST. Homiletics has helped me be confident when preaching a sermon and also in my practical life. Studying at MEGST equips me with the Word of God and how to live and share it with others. This is something our nation greatly needs."

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  • Jawin

    Tyrannus Bible College, Indonesia

    "I enrolled at Tyrannus Bible College to learn a deeper understanding of the Old and New Testaments. The more I understand God's Word, the better I can understand His plans. After I graduate I want to serve as a bible school teacher or pastor."

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  • Haroon Shad

    Zarephath Bible Seminary, Pakistan

    "I was raised in a Christian family and attended lectures at my local church run by my pastor. I gave my life in service to Christ after attending a Christian convention. After my graduation, I seek to serve as a church pastor?"

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