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Faculty and Scholars

OCA has identified that one of the key ways to lift the standards of a Bible college is to lift the competence of the faculty. We support masters and doctoral studies for faculty members which are done in their region or by distance education, so they can stay at the college. This greatly reduces the cost compared to training in the West. Furthermore, their studies are more relevant and suitable for the context of ministry in the developing world.

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Faculty seeking support

Basilius M. Kasera

Faculty at Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary
MA in Philosophy of Religion, through University of Leeds - Part-time, Distance Education
Part of the long term strategic aim of NETS is to create a larger Christian presence and influence outside the seminary. Basilius is actively involved as an ambassador for NETS amongst religious social justice advocacy groups and teaches ethics at the national university. Studying this Masters degree will equip Basilius to further his service in these areas.

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Faculty Members at NETS

10 Faculty Members at NETS - Part-time, Local and Distance Education
OCA is keen to support NETS as they encourage 10 faculty members to gain higher level training through a variety of courses including an accounting course for their office manager and receptionist, Counselling training for a lecturer, an Honours course and series of Masters degrees. 

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Stavan John

Faculty at South Asia Institute for Advanced Christian Studies
PhD though Oxford Centre for mission Studies, UK - Part-time, Distance
SAIACS is developing a number of their faculty to be able to teach at higher levels. Stavan john is one of the faculty selected to gain higher level training. Stavan completed a Master of Divinity as Asbury Theological Seminary, Kentucky, USA before returning to SAIACS to complete his Master in Theology. Stavan is now enrolled for PhD studies at Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, UK, which is a distance program he will complete while living in Bangalore.

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