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OCA introduces Rev. Canon Dr. Alfred Sebahene from St. John’s University, Tanzania, who is joining us as our guest speaker in March 2017.

Over the past 2 years OCA began supporting Christian scholars in Africa in recognition of the increasing leadership influence that Africa will play this century in the church globally. This support forms part of our ‘Africa Mile Deep Strategy,’ as we seek to support the African church to meet the current and future needs of the continent.

Rev. Canon Dr. Alfred Sebahene is a gifted teacher and leader, influential both as an academic and as a leader within the church more widely. Alfred completed his Bachelor and Masters degrees at Oak Hill College in the UK, and now works at St John’s University of Tanzania as the dean of the Ethics Department and lectures in the Theology Department.

With assistance from OCA, Alfred recently completed his PhD studies at George Whitefield College in South Africa. His thesis was titled ‘Corruption Mocking at Justice: A Theological-Ethical Perspective on Public Life in Tanzania’.

This theme will shape our conversations with Canon Dr. Sebahene in March, as we reflect on the role of the Christian faith in public life, particularly as it relates to a biblical response to corruption. We look forward to welcoming Rev. Canon Dr. Alfred Sebahene, and hope you can join with us to gain a greater insight into issues facing the African Church.

St John's University, Tanzania

St John’s university began in 2005 and now has over 4,500 students studying across 8 departments. The Department of Theology has a small number of Bachelor level and Masters students, however it is also charged with teaching in every other department to ensure integrity and Christian character pervades every students experience. St John’s has a large influence in Tanzania as one of the primary Universities of the country, and as such has become one of the six key Anglican colleges of Africa with whom OCA is partnering with as we progress the Africa Mile Deep Strategy.

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Friday 9th March
Presentation Followed by Lunch in Yass NSW

Friday 9th March
Coffee and Dessert in Wagga Wagga NSW

Tuesday 13th March
Supper in Wollongong NSW

Wednesday 14th March
Dinner in Metford NSW

Thursday 15th March
Breakfast in Metford NSW

Saturday 17th March
Breakfast in Springwood NSW

Saturday 17th March
Dinner in Wembley WA

Sunday 18th March
Church Service in Shenton Park WA

Sunday 18th March
Rosalie Church Service in Shenton Park WA

Sunday 18th march
Dinner in Wembley WA

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